Direct Marketing Specialists

We provide the highest standard of customer service there is!

What do we do?

Hunter Bailey is an outsourced B2B, promotional and Event marketing firm providing clients with a first class service to increase their customer base. Hunter Bailey has a team of highly professional sales and marketing representatives that bring the human interaction back into the marketing strategy. Our concept will integrate our clients’ brand awareness into the consumer shopping environment which results in a receptive and positive response from customers.

Hunter Bailey have the experience and knowledge to establish professional and highly effective event sales and marketing campaigns. The results of this more personal approach speak for itself with guaranteed ROI for our clients by educating potential customers about products and services on offer. Due to the personal interactions between brand and consumer, Hunter Bailey are able to create a lasting relationship with customers.

We ensure that we have a clear focus on consumers’ perceptions and attitudes which drive a positive brand choice for customers and a long lasting brand loyalty. Our team of exceptionally trained and passionate brand ambassadors will help with our clients’ brand exposure and brand longevity.