Clients and Services

At Hunter Bailey, we work with a range of Australian clients to represent their brands in a B2B and Promotional Events environment. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service there is and ensuring the sales experience is positive from start to finish. Utilising a more personalised and direct approach, we meet with our clients’ customers face-to-face to explain their products/services, generate a positive impression of the brand and build long-lasting relationships.

We take our clients’ needs very seriously and are here to ensure each campaign is a success!

We provide our clients with a full-service and tested sales solution that is designed to increase their brand awareness and generate new customers.
We are experts in salespromotionscustomer acquisition and brand engagement. Our key specialisation is in executing successful B2B and Event Sales campaigns that allow us to interact with consumers one-on-one and drive customers to the brand.

Our creative and innovative ideas generate immediate results for each of our clients that are extremely cost-effective with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI).

Not only do we focus on acquiring new customers for our clients, but we are able to increase their brand awareness and get positive exposure to the public. We develop our campaigns to ensure the brand name gets out to as many potential customers as possible. We work with a team of friendly sales, marketing and promotions specialists that are highly trained to create some serious buzz about our clients’ products and services.

We provide our sales and marketing teams with first class training, teaching, development and mentoring on a daily basis. At Hunter Bailey we have an open door policy, and there is regular contact with the Managing Director and other managers that are there to help and guide you to be the best. We promote the activity of networking to gain new knowledge in order to constantly improve and develop both personally and professionally.

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