Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I hire Hunter Bailey for my marketing and sales needs?

Many brands look to outsource their sales and marketing needs because they don’t have their own internal teams or need to quickly enhance their brand presence and customer portfolio. We are able to supply our clients with a significant return on investment very quickly, which will contribute to our clients’ profit margins.

What is direct marketing and how does it differ from other forms of marketing?

Direct Marketing means selling products or services directly to the public. It is more personal and more effective than other forms of marketing including television and radio adverts.

What sort of promotional activities can Hunter Bailey provide my business?

Hunter Bailey can provide you with increased marketing reach and will present you with increased revenue and customer acquisition. Consumers will have your brand in mind as our personalised marketing campaigns present them with the facts about your brand in a direct and personal approach.

If I’m interested in opportunities within this industry what skills and attributes do I need to be successful?

Hunter Bailey believes that you can be successful in this industry with little or no experience – however you must be an outgoing and confident individual who has a passion for connecting with people and a strong drive to achieve results.